Meet Our Attorney

Ellen R. Stein 

Ellen is a value-driven attorney with significant experience in the legal, corporate, sports and entertainment industries. Ellen's effectiveness and reputation have been built on structuring and executing deals that generate revenue by reducing costs and managing risk while improving a client's business forecast.  With a demonstrated agility in reframing strategies and direction to meet diverse client needs, Ellen addresses the benefits and risks of business expansion or contraction while positioning marketing and public relations messages. With notable versatility and an understanding of complex business needs, Ellen advises clients in response to changing business objectives and market conditions. Skilled in restructuring and reinventing organizations undergoing significant change, Ellen leads and motivates others with integrity and fairness to achieve business objectives and drive notable results.


“In working with Ellen, one of her biggest strengths is her general business knowledge, and her insights into "how things will play out". I think she has a crystal ball........”

- Lisa Pagel, CEO, The Pagel Group, National Recruiting for Legal Positions, Partner Laterals, and Mergers

“Ellen is a true gem and a throwback to the era of high integrity and consummate professionalism. In each engagement, her attention to detail and creative solutions were always well received. Ellen is prompt in her communication and respectful of her client’s time and always has delivered more than expected. Her charm and wit serve her well both personally and professionally and I highly recommend her to all who desire excellent results. I have known Ellen for many years and each year she surprises me in her continual growth and expansion of her knowledge and results! The reason for my surprise is that it is hard to improve on true excellence and somehow, she finds a way. My strong endorsement is given to her, so seek Ellen out and you will be pleased with her performance...Cheers!”

- Peter Cimoroni, Creator and Host of The Blood Time Podcast

"Ellen is and was a heaven sent for me. Before working with her I could have guaranteed that my career and playing days were over. She took it personal that I had potential and that my effort shouldn’t be denied. I am a very hard worker but she made me dig deeper because how could I ever be the athlete and example I claim to be if she was outworking me? That is who she is! A wonderful mind and a focused worker. Her efforts brought me to light. I am thankful for that everyday." 

 - Keon Willis, Retired Defensive Back, Alliance of American Football’s Salt Lake Stallions 

“It is with great enthusiasm that I offer my recommendation for Ellen. I've known her for many years. I wholeheartedly support her in virtually any endeavor she pursues. Ellen is one of the most versatile, resilient, adaptable, and engaging professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her ability to achieve her client's goal is a model for others.”

- Jeffrey Levinson, Partner at Levinson, LLP

“Ellen is a very detail-oriented attorney who takes the time to understand your business and your legal issues/concerns. I would recommend Ellen for your business legal needs.”

- Karen Melton, Vice President of Finance/Human Resources, Kaufman Container Company

“I've had the pleasure of working with Ellen for many years. Her skill, knowledge, and patience in the legal field are hard to beat. To be able to work that well under pressure, multi-task, and make deadlines without missing a beat makes for a great attorney and mentor. Ellen's great communication skills and personality make her very approachable and I highly recommend her for your legal needs.”

- Venera Ilievska, Firm Administrator at Schneider Smeltz Spieth Bell LLP